The Rocky crossing bridge has been shut down since June 4th for necessary repairs to ensure the safety of the public. The underneath supports and walk boards have been damaged by rising water levels and general wear and tear, requiring immediate attention.

Kempsey parish council is currently in discussions with local contractors to obtain quotes for the repairs and determining the best course of action to reopen the bridge to the public promptly.

Please refrain from using the bridge, as it is closed off for safety reasons. Using it could potentially result in injury to yourself and others.

A message from the Pariah council posted in their own website states :

We regret to inform you that the Rocky bridge remains closed due to significant safety concerns, as several planks have come away and the supports are completely rotten and in need of replacement due regular flooding and prolonged exposure to water. Kempsey Parish Council (KPC) has been diligently working to address this issue and had initially secured a repair. Unfortunately, the company withdrew from the agreement at the last minute.

KPC is bound by strict guidelines and is currently in the process of reviewing new quotes to ensure compliance. We had anticipated the bridge would be repaired and reopened last month and apologise for the delay.

A full council meeting is scheduled for July, where we hope to finalise and approve the repair plans.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards a safe and swift resolution.