The village has finally completed the 20-day project to improve traffic flow, with a new crossing, freshly paved road, and a safer environment for pedestrians.

This will be a valuable addition for the village and its residents, providing a safer way to cross the busy main road.

Here’s the update from Martin Allen.

Good afternoon,

I know Tracy Young and others have been very interested in having an update.

I have finally got an update about our new crossing in Kempsey, as you may know its location is near the community centre at the Worcester end of our village.

Sounds like good news, please see below and have a great afternoon.


Martin Allen

Hi Martin,

Apologies for the delay in responding to you. Both Dom and I have been away from the office.

We plan to remove the traffic lights this afternoon following completion of the footway surfacing. The remaining works to install the new fencing will then take place from the adjacent service road with no traffic management required on the A38 itself.

We have had a slight issue with a nesting bird, which has prevented a lighting column from being installed. We have an ecologist on site today who will confirm if the nest is now clear to install the column. I will keep you posted on this development.

Kind regards,