Do you remember the public consultation that Kempsey Parish council held back in February about the new Pixham Ferry Lane community and sports centre? It’s been awhile since then, so what have they done with all the feedback they received?

Despite saying they would apply for planning permission by March, there doesn’t seem to be any progress on that front, with nothing listed on the Malvern Hills planning portal.

Residents along Pixham Ferry Lane have had Harris building fencing up for over a year now, but work on passing bays has not progressed and the hedge rows that were cut down have grown back.

The field on Pixham Ferry Lane was ploughed in April to clear the site, but it has already started to grow back and work seems to have halted.

There are many questions to be answered about how taxpayer money has been spent so far and what tangible progress Kempsey Parish council has made.

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