Crime and Safety in Kempsey

Crime in Kempsey is the 47th most dangerous village in Worcestershire, and is the 57th most dangerous overall out of Worcestershire’s 195 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Kempsey in 2022 was 58 crimes per 1,000 people.

This compares favourably to Worcestershire’s overall crime rate, coming in 24% lower than the Worcestershire rate of 77 per 1,000 residents. For England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as a whole, Kempsey is the 1,965th most dangerous village, and the 2,771st most dangerous location out of all towns, cities, and villages.d Safety in Kempsey.

In November 2022, Kempsey was the worst village in Worcestershire for bicycle theft, with 1 crime reported and a crime rate of 0.25 per 1,000 inhabitants. July 2022 was also a bad month for Kempsey residents, when it was Worcestershire’s most dangerous village for burglary, recording 6 crimes at a rate of 1.5 per 1,000 residents. Kempsey recorded 16 reports of criminal damage and arson during December 2022, making its crime rate of 4.1 the worst village for criminal damage and arson in Worcestershire that month.

The most common crimes in Kempsey are violence and sexual offences, with 108 offences during 2022, giving a crime rate of 27. This is 54% higher than 2021’s figure of 70 offences and a difference of 9.65 from 2021’s crime rate of 18. Kempsey’s least common crime is drugs, with 1 offence recorded in 2022, a decrease of 80% from 2021’s figure of 5 crimes.

CrimeCountRateCountRateRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour6717.0110,67617.92 5% safer
Bicycle Theft20.513810.64 20% safer
Burglary143.552,5074.21 16% safer
Criminal Damage and Arson358.894,4907.54 18% more dangerous
Drugs10.259981.68 85% safer
Other Crime51.278201.38 8% safer
Other Theft338.383,8896.53 28% more dangerous
Public Order164.064,9408.29 51% safer
Shoplifting20.513,5535.96 91% safer
Vehicle Crime143.552,8424.77 26% safer
Violence and Sexual Offences10827.4220,35434.16 20% safer