Here we are, January gone, the worst of the dark behind us and, come March – the 31st to be precise – I will be worrying about how to change the clock in my better car. You would think it would be easy – I fiddle with it twice a year – but the procedure seems to alter each time. I’m all for leaving it on British Summer Time.

Our Super Bus Service Official Launches

The Worcestershire on Demand bus service has finally launched. There are several 16-seater buses that provide the service. You can use the app on your phone or smart device, but if you prefer you can call 01905 846180 to book at trip. It’s just like ordering an online taxi. If you want to go out immediately, you put your destination into the app and the next available bus will display.

However, if you want to prebook a trip, you change the date using the drop-down menu and request a time slot. You will receive a confirmation text message an hour or so before your departure, and then texts giving 15 and 5-minute warnings.

You can track the progress of the bus on the App, and it will also give you details of the vehicle. The normal cost is £2.50 per trip and £1.25 for the second passenger where a couple are travelling together. For passengers with concessions, such as senior bus passes, the trip will be free.

This service is funded by the council as a 12- month trial. It covers a wide area, including Great Malvern, Upton, Tewkesbury, Kempsey, Croome Court, St Peter’s Garden Centre and St Peter’s Tesco. Please give it a go: it’s a case of use it or lose it, and with the reduction in commercial bus services, we need this new service to pick up the space.