The much loved and supported Kempsey Skate Park club formed back in 2023, which held a super successful supporters event attended by hundreds back in the summer of 2023 to bring a Skate Park and Pump Track to the new Community and Sports centre seems to have been missed out at the Kempsey Parish councils public consultation.

Created back in October 2021, the KPC has much to answer for.

Saddened to see that KPC omitted the designed boards from the Kempsey Skatepark & Pumptrack Working Party. I think it would have been helpful to all had they been displayed.

The images are designs that give an idea and feel of what can be achieved.

As the Working Party (Mums and Dads in the village) have all resigned on mass I’m not sure where this leaves the project. Maybe a question for the KPC.

According to the Skatepark, the working party which consisted of parents in the village has all resigned in mass, siting a number of issues working with the parish council.

The Kempsey Skatepark Club