Kempsey Parish council have finally released the much awaited plans for the community and sports centre to be sited at Pixham Ferry lane. The ambitious project potentially costing £2.1m is due to have it’s planning application submitted March 2024 with funding of £1.43m coming from Malvern Hills District Council, and £407K coming from existing Parish council funds, with an estimated timeframe of 15 months will bring much needed facilities to the village.

Currently the village has a number of community spaces which are all in use

  • The current community centre, only has a single room for use.
  • The youth centre, only one room, limited parking.
  • The sports pavilion, very basic, not well used.

Plovers rise the current facilities for football, cricket and other sports all the the same grassed area which degrades in winter causing some matches to be cancelled. The different sports also require different playing surfaces, the new Pixham ferry lane project will provide a bigger multi-use site allowing plovers rise to re-establish other sports groups to the site.

It looks really good, finally something other than more houses being built and somewhere to grab a coffee.

We visited the public consultation showcase at Plovers rise on Sunday 6th February, councillors were on hand to answer any questions, and it seemed well organised – let’s hope the KPC can deliver.

The main entrance to the site will be on Old Road South, just north of the crossroad with Pixham Ferry Lane for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Coming from the north along the Main road (A38), the preferred route by road to the main entrance is along Pixham Ferry Lane.

Currently a narrow lane. Work is due to start in the next 3 months by constructing four large passing bays.