It was only a matter of time before we saw the mobile speed van back in the Village catching speeding motorists this afternoon entering and exiting the village exceeding the 30Mph speed limit.

It’s the first time we’ve seen it during the school break, people drive too fast through the village, one day there will be an accident, Im glad to see the van, but they need to park correctly.

It’s parked on the pavement just along from the Crown pub causing obstructions for pushchairs, wheelchairs and pedestrians needing a little extra room, as well as creating a blind spot for anyone wanting to cross the road safely.

Usually you’ll see the mobile van positioned further up the road on a much wider section of the footpath.

Worcester City Council own guidelines state: Obstructive includes: 

  • parking on a pavement 
  • causing a hazard to pedestrians
  • parking on the road in such a way as to block off vehicular access, either along the road or to an individual property

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