We are reporting on a police incident which has closed A4440 Temeside Way, Worcester closed between Ketch & Powick Roundabouts.

There are 4/5 police cars blocking off the road

An eyewitness said they can see two fire engines arrive on blue lights, an ambulance and police have blocked off road.

Lots of people in high vis can be seen on Carrington bridge.

A fire service vehicle towing a boat on blue lights has arrived along with a fire engine at the Ketch pub.

There are at least four maybe five police cars.

Another eyewitness said: “Dreadful accident at Ketch Island. Traffic at standstill blue lights everywhere.” while a second person said they could see “Six police cars, 1 fire fighter truck and one boat heading near Toby Carvery.”

A reader has given the following information: “Diversion in place taking you into town. Heavy traffic all on the roundabout. Avoid if you can.”