I write to raise awareness amongst your readers of the dangers that I and others believe exist for drivers negotiating the Ketch roundabout – you may have read about my “campaign” in the local newspaper in recent weeks.

Briefly, drivers and their front seat passengers, have to become contortionists to crane their necks to the right when turning left in safety from oncoming speeding traffic, onto the A38 from the A4440 Carrington Bridge. The re- configuration of the roundabout following the completion of the road works last year, have in my and others’ view, created this potential “accident black spot.”

Together with St Peter’s Parish Council, we have asked for a site visit by Councillors and officers of the Highways dept, to see for themselves exactly what we mean. Councillor Mike Rouse, Cabinet Member for Highways, told me that he intends to make a site visit to the Ketch in the near future, but he won’t permit me to be present.

Well, we’ll see about that ! Yours faithfully, Alec Mackie