Why are doughnuts called doughnut’s?

Legend has it, that in the 19th Century, a woman by the name of Elizabeth Gregory, fried dough with nuts, as a snack for her son’s sea voyage.

While Elizabeth is credited with frying the dough with nuts, introducing the term ‘doughnuts’, it was her son, the young sailor who is reported to have created the iconic ring shape.

The young sailor reportedly added a hole in the centre, ingeniously skewering the doughnuts through one of the spokes on the ship’s wheel. This allowed him to conveniently secure the doughnuts while using both hands to steer the ship. And thus, the classic doughnuts shape was born. 🍩⚓

We’re Jamming’
Crowned with a rich white chocolate icing and a generous sprinkling of digestive crumb, this doughnut is completed with a side topping of a full sized Jammie Dodger® and filled with mixed fruit jam.

We’ll have exciting news for a new coffee and doughnut stop in Kempsey, opening soon.