Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, a family with children or a group of friends, there’s a cruise out there for you. From adults-only sailings, to ships where you can go-kart or rock climb on-board; the choices are endless.

But what are the benefits of this type of holiday? Firstly, they can offer great value because most fares include everything – food, accommodation, entertainment, tips and sometimes excursions too. Many ships boast a variety of onboard activities, amazing spas and impressive dining options… some of the largest ships are like floating cities! Secondly, you get to discover multiple destinations but only need to unpack your suitcase once!

This means you get to relax more, and some cruises even offer overnight docks at destinations or private island visits. Thirdly, there are many cruises to choose from, depending on what type of holiday you wish for. You can have peace and quiet on a river cruise, or family excitement on the world’s largest ocean cruise ship. You can also choose from many grades of cabins and suites, from economy to luxury (with a butler service on some ships too!) With so much to choose from, it can be a bit daunting finding the best cruise for you, even if you’ve been on a few before! This is where Sarah at Travel Counsellors can help, from finding your perfect cruise to booking it.