Community Builders work with residents and partners to strengthen community connections with the aim of reducing isolation and improving health and well- being.

Community Builders are already operational in the Malvern Hills District, Worcester City and elsewhere in Worcestershire and the country.

Kempsey’s Community Builder, Cathy Garner, who started work in January this year, is hosted by and was appointed by the Parish Council but is funded by Central Government via Malvern Hills District Council from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Her role is to:

Vision: to advance the outcomes of the 2022 Parish Survey through broader community consultation, aiming to establish a ‘vision’ for a future Kempsey based on the aspirations of its residents.

Connection: to harness parishioners’ passions and interests, encouraging them to engage with existing activities or start new initiatives within the community.

Inclusion: to alleviate social isolation by identifying its causes and employing an asset-based community development approach to help parishioners feel more integrated into community life.

The Community Builder’s work will include:
Engaging with everyone through focus groups, clubs, events, coffee mornings, and throughout the parish to gather feedback on community desires. – Creating an ‘asset map’ of existing community resources. – Facilitating collaboration among individuals driving community initiatives.

Inviting input on community aspirations, as the future is shaped by the community.

Addressing barriers that may impede community aspirations. Cathy is also currently collaborating with volunteers to coordinate a ‘Digital Inclusion’ project, aiming to create inclusive digital experiences for a better connected Kempsey.

This project will involve teaching basic digital communication skills, providing support to navigate the challenges of rapidly evolving technology, and facilitating easier access to essential services such as health care, energy, parking, as well as enabling people to communicate more easily with loved ones, shop online, find jobs and access benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Cathy on: 07876 680600